Patient Resources

Payment Coverage Options

Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB)

We are a WCB-approved clinic. If you are injured on the job, we can submit your claim online and directly bill the WCB once that claim is approved. All we require from you is that you let both your workplace and the WCB know about your injury and intention to visit our clinic. We can assist with all the rest.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

We can process motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims. If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and suffered an injury, you have a limited time — ten business days — to file a claim with your insurance company. All we will require from you is that you call your insurance company to let them know you were injured in your accident so they can open an AB claim for you. We can then assist you in submission of the required AB forms and once the claim is approved, we will directly bill your insurance company.

Extended Health Providers

We have the ability to directly bill certain extended health providers. Blue Cross, Great West Life, Green Shield, etc. allow us to submit claims online on your behalf. Thus the portion of your visit covered by your extended health insurance is taken care of by our clinic administrative staff and all you need to take care of is paying the remaining unpaid portion of each visit. If your extended health care provider does not allow for direct billing, you will simply pay for your visit up front and our administrative staff will provide you with the official receipt required for submission and reimbursement according to the specifics of your plan coverage.

Fractures and Surgery

In the event you suffer a broken or fractured bone or undergo a surgical procedure that is not a workplace or motor vehicle accident but still requires you to attend physiotherapy, Alberta Health Services (AHS) typically provides coverage for any Alberta resident with an Alberta Health card who meets their qualification criteria.

Alberta Health Services (AHS)

We are an authorized provider of Alberta Health Services. The Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone provides limited coverage for physical therapy services to Alberta residents with a valid Alberta Health Personal Health Care number. Availability of this funding is different depending on your injury. Please call us if you have any questions.

Senior Citizens

Those patients who are senior citizens may not qualify for physiotherapy benefits even under an extended health plan. Check with your extended health care provider, if you have one, and if physiotherapy is not covered but something you wish to have, simply tell our clinic staff this when you call.