Patient Resources

Physiotherapy Costs

Assessment (first visit) $136
Treatments (follow-up visits) $68
WePhysio Roller Derby Performance Assessment* $150
Roller Derby Follow-up Visit* $85
WePhysio Bike Fit* $300
Cycling Follow-up Visit* $85
Certain AHS Appointments Are Fully Covered
3D Gait and Run Follow-up Visits* $85
3D Gait Analysis* ** $300

* Cannot be billed through Alberta Health Services (AHS) funding but can be billed through extended health plans.
** The 3D Gait Analysis includes two parts — the data capture and the physical assessment — both of which are included in the cost.

Sundry Item Pricing

Correct Toes $85/pair * plus $25 shipping/handling fee if not bought in person
Leukotape K $25/roll
Lumbar (back) Roll $30
Cervical (neck) Roll $30
55cm Exercise Ball $45
Shoulder Pulleys $35
Exercise Tubing $1/foot
Foam Roll (full) $35
Foam Roll (half) $20