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Craig Brososky, owner of WePhysio and a clinical educator at the University of Alberta, received both of his science degrees from the University of Alberta in Edmonton where he was born and raised. The river valley of Edmonton has provided him ample opportunity for cycling, running, cross-country skiing, and exploration and has served as a backdrop to the learning and teaching processes that Craig has enjoyed for over twenty years. Along with being a clinical educator, he is also a published author of articles on low back pain management, sport ergogenics, and injury prevention. Craig believes you can never stop learning and loves the lifelong challenge of educating both individuals and groups.

Why We Do What We Do

Hi Craig:

I can’t tell you how much relief and happiness I feel right now. Thanks to your help, support, and positive patience, my toe and knee feels painless and back to normal.
At first I really thought “how discouraging” and worried that I will be, for the rest of my life, not to step and walk properly again. Done.
But, I trusted your patience and positive attitude to go with the therapy. Each form of exercise you provided did what it was targeted to do.
I will continue the exercises thanks to your coaching now at home and at work when needed. Physiotherapy works.
God Bless You Craig!

Good morning Craig!!

I kept trying to make it in to see you since I got home from the Vegas Half Marathon… unfortunately work and too few hours kept getting in the way.
I finished!!! The last 6 km was really difficult. It seems my legs decided they didn’t want to play anymore! Mike was only supposed to run half way with me as he usually runs faster, but he wouldn’t leave my side (more on that later!). It was good he didn’t since he gave me the push I needed when I wanted to stop. We finished slow but my goal this time around was just to finish! 🙂 I have to say that the aches and pains I had for the day/day and a half following were the worst I’ve ever had – mostly my left hip, but everything seems fine now. Aches are gone, my feet feel fine. I’m even going to try going for a short run on the weekend.


I’m extremely grateful for your help, I really couldn’t have done it without you, and I guarantee I would have given up if you hadn’t been so encouraging. A HUGE THANK YOU!


And what you and I couldn’t know is that if I hadn’t finished the half, Mikes perfect plan would have been ruined as he asked me to marry him at the finish line 🙂 🙂 No wonder he stayed right by my side!

Thanks again Craig! You are truly one in a million!

So there it is! Our motivation to continue on as physical therapists is contained in the ‘physio family’ which has grown over the years to include the many thousands of people we have been privileged enough to treat and help in a way that is first meaningful to them, and then to us.